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    About Me

    Welcome to my beauty and wellness blog: real life, real feelings, real words…

    My blog is a must-read for woman of all ages that are interested in their well-being.  I talk candidly on beauty and wellness trends that real women go through to look and feel their best, also including an occasional feature of fashion do’s and definitely do!

    Join me as I explore the ever-growing beauty industry and learn about the products than are more than just superficial potions, and talk to some of the greatest aesthetic surgeons to discover the treatments that are changing the way woman are maintaining they’re youthful features and eliminating  undirsired imperfections

    The wellbeing of a women body’s is another topic I have had a growing interest in. Having first hand experience of a complex body and stomach disorder, which I still battle with today, I have a strong appetite to understand which foods and fitness regimes serve a woman’s body best. Luckily for me I have found a diet plan that  99% of the time has a positive impact on my body.  However, I am still working on finding the right balance of exercise and understand the the ratio of cardio, weights, stretching and rest days are in a woman’s best interests.

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