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    Easy Breakfast Bowl – Vegan

    Breakfast. The meal we eat to break our fast. Which means this absolutely delicious vegan breakfast bowl can be enjoyed anytime of the day or night….Why else would  there be a light in the fridge if not for midnight feasts?

    This healthy vegan breakfast recipe was inspired by the açai bowls I was obsessed with from Wholefoods in Sunny California. The yogurt was cool and thick, the fruit was sweet and the nuts exploded with flavour with every bite. Albeit mines a little more ‘DIY friendly’ than Wholefood’s, aka I forgot to buy food, aka I have no money for food because I spent it all on yoga outfits.” Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. Nevertheless, my easy vegan breakfast bowl is full to the brim with sweet nutritious goodness. Mmmm So sweet.

    The prep time is short and the ingredients is sweet so whether you’re late for a date, need an energy boost or just simply because you deserve a yummy treat, you can blissfully enjoy this breakfast bowl any time and every day of the week.

    All food used in this recipe is organic and the of ingredients was bought from Holland and Barrett, excluding fruit.  Click ingredients below for product details.


    Healthy Breakfast Ideas
    Vegan Breakfast Bowl




    Soak chia seeds overnight in coconut milk – Place in fridge until ready to use

    Slice apple and banana into bite size pieces, mix (not smash) and place in a bowl

    Pour yogurt over one side and chia seed pudding on the other

    Place or drizzle honey on top

    Crush nuts and scatter evenly

    Lightly dust cinnamon over everything

    Prep time 10 mins

    Difficulty  Easy

    Yields 2

    Calories per serving  600



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