London Aesthetic and Natural Beauty Doctor

London Aesthetic and Natural Beauty Doctor

If I asked what few things  you simply wouldn’t or couldn’t live without what would you tell me? One of mine is a not so secret love affair with aesthetic treatments. But while i’ve managed to keep an okay grip on what I like to call a ‘healthy addiction’, I  have only a hand full of people to thank for my cosmetic sobriety and living life on the outside of over the top aesthetic Azkaban.

Last month I had the pleasure of being treated by Mr Olivier Branford, one of London’s leading plastic and reconstructive surgeons who also has a large non-surgical following.  I’ve been familiar with Mr Branford’s work for a number of years so I felt comfortable being upfront with him about how I imagined all the little aesthetic tweaks I was about to undergo to accumulate to.  I basically told him I wanted to look like Shay Mitchell, the hot Filipino actress that plays Emily Fields in Pretty Little Liars and after presenting him with a picture that I eagerly bought along with me we where on the same page. “Ahh cheeks and chin.” He said confidently.

It’s commonly known in the beauty industry that the most desired facial shape is oval. The perfectly balanced symmetry and  killer jawline is the ultimate look of beauty and and also saves your stress level as it gives you the choice of any haircut and make up styles.

So although i’ve always been told I have good bone structure I undoubtedly have a layer of what I only want to describe as puppy fat that didn’t drop off at adolescence and will only begrudgingly shed when I do a hard core diet. Which is fine apart from the fact I go through my days constantly hangry and guaranteed to alienate myself.  So I have to stop and think. Which one is more important? Face or friends?  This time I pick face but I’m not a butterfly and I won’t be growing high AF cheek bones and a pointier chin overnight.

The treatment plan Mr Branford and I agreed on was the perfect balance of notable and natural. Mr Branford has always been an advocate of natural beauty and treats each of his patients as the unique individual that they are it wasn’t long before I was satisfied and jumped on top of his treatment bed, laid back and let the man work his magic. Cue Mr Branford!

Although I didn’t have a large amount of work done, the treatment took around half an hour due to Mr Branford stopping every now and again to show me exactly what was happening and to assure I was happy with what he was doing. Then it was over, and I begrudgingly rose up from the bed and out of my very relaxed state, feeling much fresher and contoured than I did at the beginning of the day.

So if I ask you again what you wouldn’t want to live without and your answer is someone that makes you a better version of yourself, makes you feel good and helps maintain your   aesthetic happiness and general sassiness than visit Mr B. my natural beauty bae. x

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