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    What I Wear

    Deciding on an outfit to wear was once a frantic and time consuming part of my morning. I had loads of clothes but never an outfit, and I would often end up wearing the same old black leggings and some sort of oversized jumper; a standard effortlessly chic outfit, yet still screams I don’t know what i’m doing! I’d spend every lunchtime in Zara looking for outfit inspiration but each time i’d leave with mix and match items, and with a glare from the security man which was highly embarrassing because I knew he must have been thinking “has she got nothing better to do?”

    It’s important to find a style that flatters your shape but equally comfortable, and after countless hours spent queueing for changing rooms and returning unworn and unsuitable clothes, I know what to look for in the crazy ‘cashmere and cotton jungle’. (Singing in the style off Alicia Keys, Concrete Jungle 🙂 )

    A lot of my outfit inspiration comes from Queen Rania of Jordan and Amal Clooney as they opt for classic items that provide a powerful impact and emanate a strong, yet feminine style. A favourite item of clothing inspired by these ladies are the wide legged trouser. I am obsessed, and a section in my wardrobe is a largely taken up by them now. If i’m dressing for the office I tend to choose a high waisted pair and team with a fitted vest top so I don’t look like all rolls of material, or with a soft shirt or jumper tucked half in to give a more relaxed vibe. If I want to look a bit trendier for the weekend or on a night out  I love to wear a swankier wide legged trouser and a bardot or crop top (think Emily Rata)

    Being  5ft4  I wouldn’t class myself as petit but I strive to perfect my pins and always look as leggy as possible. High waisted wide legged trousers are perfect to carry out this illusion as it creates the impression your legs start where your waist does and doesn’t give you a buddy belly when wearing a crop top. As for the pattern, I love vertical strips they trick the eye into seeing additional length and prompts admirers to take a long look up and down. It also means I can give my poor feet a break from wearing killer heels and still feel stylish in a pair of sneakers.

    So although my super stylish sweep around Zara at lunch is still an obsession of mine I’m pleased that I know where to find Amal’s ensemble. All I need to know now is the best place to find brains, beauty and a boyfriend just like hers. Please contact me ASAP with a web link and a promo code if you know the best place to buy 🙂

    To read more about my outfit inspo head over to my Sunday Style and Spring Flings

    Love, Steph x




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