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    May Reads – The Skincare Bible by Dr Anjali Mahto

    Always being more of a girl to lose a good book rather than be lost inside one, I can count on one hand the number of times  I’ve finished a book without singing “one two skip a few ninety-nine one-hundred. Done!!”  And most of those were Biff & Kip children stories.

    In April, Dr Anjali Mahto, one of the UK’s Leading consultant dermatologists released her no-nonsense guide to great skin, ‘The Skincare Bible’, and since receiving my copy that I pre-ordered through Amazon, I haven’t been able to put it down.

    I first met Dr Mahto a number of years ago, which also happened to be at the time I was battling with an ongoing case of adult acne.  I jumped at the chance to have a consultation with her and she cleared up all of my worries, questions… and of course skin!

    The Skincare Bible is the ultimate one stop guide to every girls, and guys skincare concerns. Dr Mahto breaks down every aspect of the body’s largest organ and explains in simple terminology exactly how to prevent and protect it from common skin conditions.

    Personally, I’m thrilled there is finally a genuine voice of authority that is guiding us skincare junkies to products that contain ingredients that live up to our expectations. She goes into specific skin concerns including acne, enlarged pores, rosacea and pigmentation and explains the skincare regimes we must undertake to keep our skin healthy and looking the best it can.

    I’ve learnt a lot from The Skincare Bible, but the most valuable lesson I have taken away from my May read is how important it is to incorporate a broad spectrum sun protection cream to my daily skincare routine. Dr Mahto says “prevention is always better than cure”, and not only will you be saving your skin but also the pennies in your pocket.

    Not only have I got to thank Dr Mahto for teaching me so much about skincare but she’s also given me a thirst for exercising my brain through a good book. So from here on I vow to proceed with these monthly reads and never skip ahead or fall asleep again. BIBLE!

    The next book on the list is ‘Into The Water’ by Paula Hawkins. It’s described as dark and gothic and i’m really excited to get stuck into this one… hopefully relaxing outside during warm and sunny days (covered head to toe in SPF!)

    You can find The Skincare Bible in all good book stores, or by clicking here. 

    I’m really interested in hearing your book suggestions so please leave a comment with any recommendations you have!

    To read about some of the skincare products I like check out my blog post Draped in Gold

    Happy reading x



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