My Life Until Now

My Life Until Now




“She turned her can’ts into cans and her dreams into plans”… As an optimist, this is a quote i’ve tried to live my life by.  Of course i’m only human and I have days that I want the ground to open and swallow me whole, but it isn’t long before I bounce back and and ask for the champagne glass that is half full.

At school I was that kid that was good at dance and drama. Winning awards and earning positions in groups that required gruelling auditions gave me the confidence to never hesitate when making decisions and to always be myself.  However, being the best at dance doesn’t really get you anywhere in the ‘real’ world and remaining confident as a professional has been something i’ve definitely won zero awards for.  So since leaving school at the age sixteen i’ve been on a career rollercoaster ride. I’ve held on tight during full throttle ups and down and hairpin bends but now, at the age of twenty six I’ve finally found where i want to get off. And as my first remark as a once again confident young lady i’m going to say THAT was the most gruelling audition i’ve had yet!

Ten years and a few career changes , i’ve decided that I just want to be me, professionally. I choose to do what I love so that I can be the best I can be, and even though the role doesn’t pay mega bucks yet, or come with a company car and a big bonus, i’m the only person qualified for the job.  So I’m stepping up. I’m taking control and i’m not going to let myself down because i’ma be me and remember consistency is the key.

So if you’re wondering what this role involves then stay tuned.  For now all i can say is i’ve heard the boss is a total babe and it’s casual Friday every day of the week.


Stephanie x


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