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    My Spring Flings

    Boys, Balmain blazers and facials with IPL lasers are but a few of the things I vow to always adore forever more. But my addictive personality causes me to become quickly infatuated with beautiful things that enter into my world.  Some make it from boutique to boudoir and others stay on my wish list collecting dust.

    Spending as much time in Chelsea as I do, it’s easy to become hypnotised by the exquisite elegance of models using Sloane street as their runway.  Spot lights around the shop front windows shine bright like the flash of paparazzi taking their photos.  They have Chanel, Gucci and Dior as a walk in wardrobe, where as I stack shoe boxes under my bed and stuff my Sunday sweats in a pokey little drawer. Don’t get me wrong there’s always room for more, and this season I’m saving space for something special.


    Now winter’s officially over and summer’s just around the corner, my social calendar is filing up a little quicker than usual. This gives me all the more reason to turn my flings into an engagement ring.

    Number one isn’t a new love affair.   They’ve been around a while but it’s not until recently that i’ve really seen them for what they really are!

    The spring in my step will be bought to you by Rockstud Valentinos

    I once thought this stiletto was a bit tacky. A bit brassy.  I thought it would be a one minute wonder. But still going strong almost a decade later I’ve clearly been proven wrong.  The trademark studs give a twist to the feminine and chic stiletto by adding a strong and edgy look.  Automatically jazzing up a blazer, a baggy T and mom jeans at the weekend or a tulle skirt and a shirt at the office during the week.  The Rockstud Valentino transforms basic staple clothes into show stopping elegant outfits.

    My next dreamy desire this season is a lace smock dress.  Every morning as I walk past Chloé I’m totally blown away by the pure elegance of the beautiful floaty garments. One of my favourite styles to make me look and feel like a graceful goddess.  Perfect for a wedding, day at the polo or even an upscale Prosecco fuelled picnic in the park


    I’ve been seriously flirting with a frilly blouse this season.  There’s something about the masculine and regal ruffles combined with a soft female touch that wins my attention . Not normally being into anything too structured, this is the only style blouse that will ever cause me to turn around for a double look.  It’s been injected with so much personality that I simply can not turn down.

    I’m quickly falling in love so i’m calling time on my spring fling post.  Since writing this blog i’ve already purchased a few things.  Here’s hoping these flings don’t get returned, forgotten about or even binned.



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