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    Wake Up To Less Make Up

    Basic.  A word that I ordinarily wouldn’t associate myself with.  My positive personality tells me to always do better than i’ve done before and makes me work, exercise and play to the extremist limit!  The glass is always half full and i’ve never followed the rule ‘less is more… until now.


    I’ve grown up with bad behaving, monstrous skin which I’ve always felt the need to cover up with high coverage foundations, Estee lauder double wear being my favourite!  But since starting my dream job at a dermatologist clinic and having full access to the best practitioners in the profession i’ve conquered my skin care regime I can hit snooze on my alarm clock about five more times. I’ve woken up, smelt the coffee and I’m done with dressing up as a china doll Monday to Friday. I’m embracing the fresh and flawless finish.

    The few key pieces that keep my face looking ace aren’t going anywhere.  Miracles happen for a reason and products that work wonders should never be forgotten.

    My make up bag has gotten small but my love for these beauties will forever keep on growing.

    A tinted moisturiser with a SPF gives my skin a healthy glow and keeps my skin hydrated  protected from the pollution and debris in the air and then cover up any signs of a sleepless night with Kevyn Aucoin concealer.  I love to shine but only on my terms so I keep it under control by lightly brush Estee lauder double wear powder on my forehead and nose.IMG_1536.JPG


    Since using Revitalash my eyelashes have doubled in thickness and have lengthened to  brow bone point but I still love lavishing them in  Le Volume de Chanel Noir 10.  The beautiful consistency of it allows me to saturate my lashes and the end result is hypnotic.

    I’ve left the high contoured look in 2016 but the product that i’ve used since 2013 is here to stay.  Laura Mercier Baked Blush Bronze is the only way to glow!

    Mac doesn’t do mediocre so don’t be fooled by the name Soft & Gentle. This highlighter packs a mighty punch but instead of  a nasty bruise it leaves the shine of a thousand princess diamonds.

    Up until recently I never wore blusher.  Since discovering  Berry Amore by Milani  made by a Los Angeles vegan brand, I lightly touch it upon my cheeks to brighten and create a sweet rosy red apple look.


    Any nude lipstick by Mac would give a perfect finish, especially Kinda Sexy for my skin tone. Recently i’ve been using Peachy nude by  Lipstick Queen.  Although it is matte the texture is much more creamier than Mac, making the look more casual.  Another favourite lip of mine is Double Wear lip liner in Rose by Estee Lauder. The pink tone subtly pops out my lips making them look naturally full of colour.


    Without a good skin care regime the simplicity of my flawless finish wouldn’t be possible.  Since practising Dr Maryam Zamani’s philosophy of revealing, enhancing and protecting my skin by using MZ Skin cleanser and moisturiser my sin has never looked brighter or felt healthier.





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