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    Pink Power

    I’ll admit it.  I wear PINK to make the boys wink 😉 but it’s like that old saying,  ‘It’s what’s on the inside that counts’.  The power of PINK is among us and I’m not just talking girl power.

    My first PINK must have is pink grapefruit.  It should be against the law not to eat one of these a day!  It’s my favourite and tastiest source of vitamin-C and it helps reduce nasty cold symptoms; so you don’t have to be so scared when you’re sat next to snotty sally on the bus ride home!

    Another winning reason is that grapefruit is highly rated for its antioxidant activity.  Finally something to break up those cups of bitter green tea!  And saving best till last… Grapefruit aids in weight loss.  Yes! Guilt free yummy food that will HELP you lose weight! So guilt free a like to drown it in maple syrup. Not really, but you get the gist.  I pair it with something else very light for breakfast and that sees me through until lunch! The list of reasons to pick up a PINK grapefruit is endless.  A bit like my list of PINK, so time to move on…

    Peace and patience is another power us ladies gotta have on lock down.  After a long day of dealing with a different word beginning with ‘P’, I need to relax with a large glass of PINK wine and chill in my beautiful home.  Although I can argue why a glass and a half is good for you, this time i’m not.  Large bouquets’ of PINK roses are what make me smile. Fellas take note!  Pretty petals are what make me smile and the heavenly scent of rich roses transform my house into a beautiful home.  TOP TIP –  Add 10-15 fresh rose petals to a cup of hot water and wait until it looks like that glass of Rosé you’ve been craving! For other wonderful health benefits, add honey and a pinch of cinnamon powder.  Another delicious cocktail to aid weight loss!

    It’s almost every little girls dream to look like Barbie when they get older, and that’s something that I never grew out of.  To feel good inside i’ve got to look good on the outside.  Here are a few of the precious PINK pieces that make me feel like the princess that i’ve always wanted to be.


    My PINK Valentino’s are the perfect combo of à la mode and sophistication.  Ideal for any day to night outfit and occasion plus 100 times more comfortable than the jelly sandals Barbie once wore. 

    The Lady Dior is timeless, iconic and one of a few handbags that is worthy to sit on a real woman’s arm.  It’s a true Princess bag and of course all princess’ wear PINK 

    Need I state the obvious when it comes to a MAC lipstick.  My go-to lip luminance for every shade and finish. I’m a matte girl at heart but when I’m preaching PINK I say go for something more dewy and translucent to achieve that natural and kissably pout.

    Mademoiselle Coco Chanel, a Lady that knew what she wanted and wasn’t afraid to get it, no matter what got in her way.  She was determined, feminine, powerful and beautifully elegant.  Every time I spritz Mademoiselle, I wear a part of Coco Chanel.   The colour is pale PINK but the impact is strong!

    To end my list of PINK is the same way I end my day.  After a long day of putting in my PINK powers into action I strip off and slip into my Victoria Secret PINK PJ’s.  Relaxation and sleep is one of the most important elements to keep your body and mind fit! Whist you sleep the blood flow is boosted around your body which means you’ll wake up looking fresh faced, glowing and radiant. Sleep also restores your body when sickness and disease play havoc.


    The one and only! Pure Pink Power


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