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    M.O.T’s – Not just for the boys toys

    Okay so I haven’t quite reached the age where you hear those slap in the face comments about how tired you look, and I think i’m still the youngest person at my job BUT it’s never too early to start preventing and shielding yourself from the first wrinkle and grey hair!

    Hair is easy.  Eat right, drink water and let someone else fix you up every 6-8 weeks.  Your body on the other hand takes a little bit more attention and with so many different lotions and potions on the market it’s hard to know what will actually work. That’s why, every now and again it’s good to put your body in for a full MOT to look and feel like brand new.

    Last week I decided it was about time I tightened up those bolts (pores), polished up (rejuvenate) and spoil myself to the TLC Im due to have (Tough Loving Cure).

    I suffer from acne prone skin.  It’s very mild but it’s there more often than I’d like and working in the beauty industry I know a lot of adults suffer with it.  So for me and many other oily skin and acne prone warriors out there, I maintain my skin by having chemical peels to get the extra exfoliation I need.


    Chemicals peels aren’t your average facial.  They come in different strengths and can be used to treat problems such as fine lines, wrinkles, hyper pigmentation, acne and scarring.   Aesthetic practicioners recommend having a course of three for maximum results.

    I see the very talented and beautiful Libbie Wallace in the stunning surroundings of the Cadogan Clinic located in Chelsea.   This pit stop I had a pyruvic acid peel.  The daddy of all chemical peels.  For people that suffer from very bad, spotty skin the pyruvic peel works wonders.  Unfortunately for the inpatient people you can’t just jump into the treatment room bed with this one. You have to work your skin through the stages or you will CRASH & BURN and the outcome is far from pretty.


    The treatment simply takes 10 minutes but the down time is a little more complex.  After the third day you’ll skin will flake. A lot! I suffer most around my mouth and believe me when I tell you it’s not easy to cover up; throw in the towel and don’t even try it!  Cancel all of your plans and put a bag over you head!  Okaaaay, so i’m being overdramatic but I prefer to let people see me in all my glory and that’s exactly how I look after the fifth day.  My skin looks radiant, feels supple and smooth and I feel brand new Ferrari with the confidence of Lewis Hamilton on the racetrack!


    The Cadogan Clinic is also home to world renowned cosmetic surgeons and highly respected dermatologists that will leave you looking and feeling brand new.  To make an appointment visit www.cadoganclinic.com or call 020 79018500.







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