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    Nice to meet you Mr Aucoin

    I first came across Kevyn Aucoin two years ago at Space NK in Chelsea. It was a beautiful summers day and as I walked into the store the sun shone brightly inside and on to the exclusive corner of Kevyn Aucoin’s range. The high class and sexiness of the mahogany brown and gold packaging was the first thing that captured my attention. It absolutely screamed sophistication.
    The make up artist from Kevyn Aucoin sat me down and said ‘dahling I’m going to make you look like Sophia Loren’. There was definitely no argument from me and within 15mins he had transformed me into a Hollywood starlet; I was instantly sold. Of course I know luxury of this sort doesn’t come cheap but when I was charged £84.00 for 2 eyeshadows I almost died. I’m sorry to say the following week I chickened out and returned them.

    Fast forward 2 years from my first date with Mr Aucoin and  thankfully I’ve come to my senses and realized it’s worth spending the extra few buck on the things I really love. These purchases give me peace of mind knowing I have the best things to suit my needs which brings me happiness and therefore makes me a more confident person in my private life, social life and work life!  Any investment in yourself that can achieve these results are worth any amount of money.

    This piece of rich advice I will give you is for free.  Kevyn Aucoin’s sensual skin enhancer is second to none and is worth every single penny.  From my experience, concealer has always been a tricky purchase and if your not careful can make you look flackey, pastey and 10 years older. When I apply this dream product I am flawless.  The consistency is neither to light nor to heavy and with one dab it sticks to my brush and transfers just as easily to the designated area (it can also be used in place of foundation!)  It’s high coverage and because the consistency is so great a little goes a long way.  Once applied I use a sponge to blend and along with dark circles and puffy eyes it disappears.  This concealer becomes  your second skin and it’s like you’re wearing nothing at all.  Now don’t get me wrong, I love a bit of highlight and sparkle on the weekend but Monday to Friday I’m all about that natural beauty glow.  Most days people will say lovely things about my make up, (this week I’ve had at least 5 people a day comment on my Tom Ford limited edition duo eye shadow) but I have had no comments on my concealer; only how fresh faced and lovely I look.( I litrally have the sweetest work colleuges ever!) It lasts from 6am until I wipe it off which is usually  11pm; you can imagine how big and dark those circles are!

    I’m so happy that I’ve found another miracle product. When I come across these thing I’m like ‘Yes! It’s happening.  My Cinderella make up story is coming true!’ And in this case Kevyn Aucoin is definely my Prince Charming!








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