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    One of the first thing we notice about other people are their eyes, which is annoying because eyes are the hardest part of my make up routine.  I’ve tried to master a complex smoky eye and I’ve even dabbled in a pallet as colourful as a peacocks tail feather. It doesn’t work for me and I’ve learnt to work with what I’ve got; or what I didn’t have in this case…

    Revitalash first entered my world when I worked for a celebrity hairdresser.  He was, and still is the most incredibly groomed and well put together man I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. To paint you a picture of this gentleman I’ll tell you that he dresses head to toe in Prada, wears the finest jewellery and has a the softest skin due to the best skin care regime but out of all his finery the first thing you see are his magnificent fluffy eyelashes that are so long they actually touch his brow bone.  He owes every single lash to Revitalash conditioning treatment.

    I procrastinated for a long time whether to buy Revitalash because annoyingly it was out of my budget. It retails at £74.00 for 2.0ml and lasts for around three months.  But over the last year i’ve come to the conclusion an investment in yourself is worth every penny. Always aim high and be determined to get the things you want.  I bought my first Revitalash conditioning treatment last year and I’m confident to say nothing measures up with how happy I am with this miracle product… apart from my eyelashes!  After four weeks of consistent application I had grown great, glossy and voluminous butterfly lashes.

    Revitalash states it’s advanced technology and natural botanicals protect against breakage and brittleness and improve flexibility, moisture, and shine for more dramatic-looking eyelashes.

    My eyes are no longer the hardest part of my morning routine.  I sweep a subtle shade onto my eyelids and stroke my lavish lashes with only a simple drug store mascara.  The results I have are second to none and is proved by the amount of compliments I get everyday!

    When it comes to Revitalash, the phrase ‘the sky is the limit’ has never been truer!


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