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    Make Yourself At Home…

    I’ve never had the luxury of a large boudoir with a double bed and walk in wardrobe, so by now you’d have thought I’d know what works in a box bedroom.

    My sister, Camilla, and I recently moved into a two bedroom essex apartment from sharing a one bedroom flat in central London.  It had been so long since I had the fortune and ability to decorate my own space that I found it daunting when making the decisions of what style and furnishings I wanted, but after getting the three basic pieces in, it’s much more fun.

    It’s Camilla’s first house and I’m the little sister so of course I got the baby room.  I started from scratch and painted all the walls white to create a greater sense of space; don’t get me wrong, having a feature wall or a warmer colour can be cosy but the white walls are uplifting and I always get a fresh, spring like feeling when I’m in my room.  To create the illusion of space you have to go with light and toning colours.  The larger pieces of furniture in my room are white and the accessories, such as cushion and flowers are pretty pastel colours.  Cushions can be expensive and I don’t trust what the quality is like when buying online ( I like cushions really hard) so I get them as and when I seen one I really like.  I found a beautiful pink Parisian boudoir style cushion from Marks & Spencer and was so happy with the quality when I saw it again in pale blue I snatched it up straight away!  All the rest are from little independent furniture shops in Essex.  I’ve never paid over £20.00 for one and £20.00 is more than enough when trying to fill out an entire length of a bed!

    I made a horrible mistake choosing my bed first time round.  I decided against a day bed because I thought it looked childish but I couldn’t have been more wrong.   I ordered a standard single with a white wooden headboard but I hated it straight away for two reasons.  Firstly it looked horrible pushed up against the bear wall and secondly my cushions had nothing supporting them  and I had no where to throw them when I  jumped into bed at the end of the day.  I traded it in for a chic white metal framed day bed and I love it! It’s so feminim and along with the cushions, gives my room the Parisian boudoir look I’m going for.  

    I’m a girl that loves to shop and over the past few years i’ve accumulated a decent amount of clothes and shoes… and hats and scarfs and, well it goes on and on.  I found a beautiful vintage shabby chic clothes rail on a shop fittings website.  The rail is sturdy enough for most of my clothes and  even though they’re on show it’s still pleasing to the eye.  My big jumpers, trousers and workout clothes go in my chest of drawers, which I thought would be useful and double up as a dressing table. Finding a chest of drawers that could fit a lot in but wasn’t too tall for me to see above and do my make up took a considerable amount of time searching for but, i’m confident that I have the best style to suits my needs.  The top drawer is for make up, second is lingerie and workout wear, third is jumpers and the bottom has jeans and trousers.  I found it in IKEA and it cost £100.00.  The only downside is I hate DIY and it took 5 hours to put together.  I’m on the prowl for large but low white baskets to move my lingerie and workout wear into as the drawers are getting a  bit tight for space.  I hate digging to find things and I can only find baskets that are small and deep so let me know if you see any in the shops! 

    The latest piece of furniture I purchased was a dressing table.  Turns out I did have room after all and I am so thankful for that!  Although I could have happily made do with applying my make up using the mirror above the chest of drawers, having a table lower down allows me to get closer to the mirror and I don’t have to get into weird and wonderful yoga positions just to apply eyeliner.  But even if I didn’t have space it would have been tough not to bring home with me.  It’s beautiful.  The top is mirrored and has an art deco look that I absolutely adore.

    Adding the finishing touches are really bringing it together.  I’m planning on putting more mirrors on the walls to create the more dimensions, sense of space and to produce more light.  But it’s also the smaller things that I’m really getting into.  Soya candles and incense sticks have turned my home into heaven and ‘ve never felt more at home since making it my own.  


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